Coronavirus Kids!

Here are some collated ideas for kids during lockdown shared from friends and family throughout the world, to help us all from becoming completely feral.

Subject Age  DescriptionSite link
Audiobooks and podcasts4+o   A List of authors reading Children’s stories throughout coronavirus 
Audiobooks and podcasts3+o has offered free kids stories! 
Audiobooks and podcasts4+o   CIRCLE ROUND (myths, legends – child-friendly ones) 
Audiobooks and podcasts3+o   NOODLELOAF (silly songs about Science) 
Audiobooks and podcasts4+o   WOW IN THE WORLD (for curious kids!) 
Creativity2y+Not sure this link works but works well to put ‘calming kids craft ideas’ plus age of child  into pinterest search and lots of activities come up
Creativity8y+A2C Arts and Crafts: more tech and design style channel for making cool gadgets at home eg drill machine, balloon powered car (videos 10 mins, activites 50-60 mins)
Creativity3+30 day Lego challenge!
Creativity4+Puzzles: make your own personalised word search and crosswords
Creativity4+Go on an adventure around google earth to catch a thief!Great visual online geography and history resource with fun facts for kids on animals, earth, history and more –
Creativity3+Do a family play
Creativity5+Stop motion studio app.- making little videos!
Creativity3+Watercolour pictures with glue
Creativity3+Working through difficult emotions with blank faces!
Creativity5+Virtual field trips 
Creativity3+Customisable paper you can use for creating patterns, practicing design and fractions etc. patterns, checker board designs, combining squares to make larger pictures and dividing squares into triangles and smaller squares and even octagons to make all kinds of interesting images. The triangles and hexagons also work well for patterns and pictures.
Creativity3+Art exhibition at home
Creativity4+Clay classes online – 30 days free
Creativity2+Cooking! Using a recipe, we have our 6 yr old kid cooking every meal for us after a week of isolation. It’s amazing and he’s really improving his techniques!
Creativity2+Puppet shows with wooden spoons
Creativity2+Guide for isolation with kids
Creativity5+Go to the world’s most sought after art museums online!
Creativity2+Babies up to primary school ideas for art and science activities
Creativity3+Drawing using your hands – easy tips on how to draw and doodle
Creativity3+50 cheap fun indoor activieis for kids 
Creativity2+Killer playdough recipe
Creativity2+Make play dough and edible paint and other recipes 
Creativity4+Lunch time doodle with Mo willems
Creativity3+More join the dots
Creativity5+Tour Yellowstone National Park
Creativity3+Join the dots galore – and number letter writing pages!
Creativity3+Red Ted ART – free printables 
Creativity3+Face painting ideas 
Creativity4+Pretend to travel the world..Go on a virtual tour of these 12 famous museums. 
General1-4yBest activities for busy toddlers – 40-50 ideas – need parent involvement
General5-11yOxford owl ebook library – early stage free books for learning to read, quite basic activites for learning and better for frameworks on what to achieve at different ages/ stages
General5-10yAs above but for KS1/2
General5-12yHuge bank of free worksheets for Year 1 – Year 8 – quite good for leaving them to get on with stuff (lots of craft ideas as well)
General5-11yLesson plans on all school subjects for KS1 & KS2 with video clips and ideas for activities (designed for teachers but usable at home although requires full teaching not one where you can just set them off and leave them to it)
General8-14yGood (american) educational site for english, maths, science, tech, art & music. Within each subject there are lots of different topics and within each topic about 10 tasks inc quiz, explanatory movie and creative tasks
General7-11yLessons in history, french, science, art & design – a series of slides and small tasks
General4-11yPaid for resource normally used by teachers in primary schools – offers about 20-30 free ideas for activities/ worksheets inc activity on fake news, easter recipes and nature walk worksheet for example
General5-9yDorling Kindersley find out! Good for fact finding for homework and has quizzes and animated videos
GeneralParentsHomeschooling facebook group for parents 
General3-14yFree educational site focussed on science, maths with a little bit of english and history: short presentation on broken down topic, questions to practive online and online test at end of module
General2-16yFun activities for learning
General3-8yKids Learning Tube – 3 min songs to learn about specific things
Generalage 6-14Scoop is designed to inspire and nurture a love of reading and stories, to be shared between generations and spark conversation and ideas.
General16y+Free Ivy League courses from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale.
General5y+ 50 brain breaks your kids will love – good to break up the day
General – games Games and videos for young kids to teach them skills for examples about their feelings
General – games3-11yABCYA: numeracy, literacy and science games
General – games4-8yTurtle diary games for numeracu, literacy and science
Geography8y+Explore the world and have virtual tour of some of the wonders of the world e.g. Great Wall of China, Yellowstone Park etc – videos better than images
Geography10y+GeoFocus – 12 short films on different cities/ countries in the world – a bit dry – inc. Hong Kong, Germany, the Vatican, Egypt & Brazil
Geography5y+ National Geographic You Tube channel with interesting information on huge variety of topics including awesome animals, cool science, funny pets, and more
History14y+Aggregator of interesting American social history and commentary over time – quite sophisticated
Languages8-14yGood (american) educational for french
Languages5-adultAudible’s free platform has stories in French, Spanish, Italian, German & Japanese (?)
Languages7-adultDuolingo – amazing free languages app for almost any language you can think of
Literacy5-8yMasterswords spelling app (apple/ google play)
Literacy3y+Fabulous site for making and creating stories
Literacy5-7yBBC Bitesize English: currently 1 min learning clips on broad range of English topics and short quiz and task to follow. Daily lessons starting mid April
Literacy8-11y BBC Bitesize English as above but for KS2
Literacy4-6yDr Seuss spelliing games
Literacy2-4yAnimated story books for chidlren to read
Literacy5-14yScholastic classroom projects: daily projects for your child to carry out on their own – updated every month (american but translates well to uk)
Literacy3+Nature observations
Literacy4+Brain pop  English 
Literacy2+Read – book or epic 
Literacy4-UniKhan Academy
Literacy6+Write film and book reviews
Literacy5+Write and illustrate own story / comic
Literacy3+Bananagrams or scrabble, even online word scrabble which teaches you the meaning of the word you make too
Literacy4+Learn a poem
Literacy4+Interview family members on Skype 
Literacy4+Read to family members 
Literacy4+Write letters and emails to family and friends, and quizes for their friends to answer at home 
Literacyage 6-14Scoop is designed to inspire and nurture a love of reading and stories, to be shared between generations and spark conversation and ideas.
Maths4+Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings 
Maths3+awesome free curriculum. Everything from preschool activities to 12th grade is here! ‪
Maths3+List of thinking games by grade: ‪ 
Maths4+Homeschool curriculum in maths – allows independent work and you can see what is being completed 
Maths2+Khan academy app – good for preschoolers 
Maths4+Multiplication tables app Montessori 
Maths8-13yBeast Academy – lessons, exercises and tests in maths by topic (have to pay)
Maths3+Rummikub, Uno
Maths3+Sand tray – for letters and number learning 
Maths2+Sorting game
Maths8-11y BBC Bitesize Maths as above but for KS2
Maths5-7yBBC Bitesize Maths: currently 1 min learning clips on a range of topics and short quiz and task to follow . Daily lessons starting mid April.
Maths4+Brain pop maths 
Maths12y+Maths games and lessons
Maths5-12yCool Math 4 Kids – maths games (and maths lessons)
Maths4-UniKhan Academy- courses in every subject for every age – preschool to graduate level 
Maths5-11yMaths with Carol Vorderman – exercises and maths videos – can leave them to it
Maths4+Times table games
Music 7-12yCBBC ten trailblazer musician series
Music 10y+Good info on broad range of musicians but quite dry and grown up
Music 3-6yDavid Walliams 10 part odcast on stories and music of various musicians
Physical4+Fluency and fitness – 21 days free – gets kids moving and reading / doing sums
Physical3+A list of 100 “unplugged” activities you can do that can be done without ascreen or going online
Physical2+Gardening & growing veg
Physical2+Obstacle course
Physical4+Go Noodle: App to get kids physical indoors! movement and mindfulnessvideos created by child development experts. Available for free at school, home, and everywhere kids are
Physical2+Build a den
Physical3+Soccer skills challenge
Physical5+Smiling Mind – meditations – Has fab relaxation activities for calming moments
Physical3+My husband has started the half mile run around your house. Rules are you have to go into each room at least twice. It’s hilarious and extremely difficult, and a nightmare when you land on a bit of lego.
Physical2+Yoga: Cosmic Kids – this is epic. Kids love of all ages – story accompanied by doing yoga – hundreds to choose from
Physical3+PE with Jo – he’s doing live PE for kids at 9am UK time every day Monday to Friday (11am SA time)
Physical2+Indoor scavenger hunt 
Physical3+Hide and seek / off ground he, hide the can, kick the can! Disco in the garden! 
Physical2+Disco time! 
Science, tech & logic5y+ Good projects on how to care for the earth, endangered animals and  each other
Science, tech & logic8y+Ted Ed – short talks on a broad range of interesting and thought provoking questions eg dark matter what can we see? Why elephants never forget etc
Science, tech & logic14y+Super sophisticated adult site for looking at any part of the human anatomy
Science, tech & logic6-12yNASA’s children’s website to understand climate change
Science, tech & logic2-8yFun animal based site – cool section where animals sing well known tunes e.g. Fur Elise
Science, tech & logic8-11y BBC Bitesize Science as above but for KS2
Science, tech & logic5-7yBBC Bitesize Science: currently 1 min learning clips on broad range of Science topics and short quiz and task to follow. Daily lessons starting mid April
Science, tech & logic10y+Science in Action: BBC documentary series on science topics eg coronavirus, future of space, gravitational waves – made for adults
Science, tech & logic12y+Human Anatomy channel – quite dry and grown up but useful and informative anatomy videos
Science, tech & logic5y+ BBC Earth: incredible clips from Planet Earth and Blue Planet on lots of different types of animals
Science, tech & logic10-14yMike likes science – raps about science topics – v cool but quite hard to follow!
Science, tech & logic10yCrash Course Kids: Videos on science topics 1-4min long: engineering, ecosystems, natural resources,  gravity, matter & the sun
Science, tech & logic5+Sci show – answers to weird scientific questions
Science, tech & logic5ySci Show Kids: short videos on lots of science topics eg experiments, machines, animals
Science, tech & logic7-14ySick Science – cool experiments you can do at home – looks fun and videos 1 min but tasks more like 30 mins and probably need to include aprent involvement
Science, tech & logic10y+The Brain Scoop: Natural History show from Field Museum in Chicago inc skinning a wolf, crazy
Science, tech & logic5-10yScience Max – super sizing home science experiments
Science, tech & logic4+Curiosity Stream: Watch award-winning science, technology, history and nature documentaries, worldwide, on-demand and available on multiple devices­­­­­­­­­­­­
Science, tech & logic4+Videos for kids, science, tech, nature etc
Science, tech & logic4+Make slime, fizzing potions, water beads 
Science, tech & logic5+Skype a scientist – A&As with real life scientists
Science, tech & logic4+Max Likes Science. Welcome to Science Max, the exciting new series that turbocharges all the science experiments you’ve done at home.
Science, tech & logic5+Tynker. Coding programme for kids 
Science, tech & logic4+Crash course for kids in Science
Science, tech & logic4+Smartick Method – Science 
Science, tech & logic4+Kids can play chess for hours!
Science, tech & coding site for all levels – looks quite interesting
Science, tech & logic5-15yCoding site where you can build your own games (which teaches you how to code)
Science, tech & logic5-18yCoding: 3 age appropriate levels (5-8y, 9-12y, 13+) develop skills from solving logic problems to building games through to building websites
Science, tech & logic5y+Touch typing with different levels
Science, tech & logic12y+Geek Gurl – coding and tech tutorials

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