Trump & Timbal Coffee

  1. “All my coffees are ethically sourced and 100% traceable
  2. All coffees are hand sorted for defects after roasting
  3. All my coffee is roasted to order, which means the beans will be roasted the day before delivery
  4. To make sure my coffee has broad appeal, I roast it to Medium+
  5. I offer 3 coffees. 1. my seasonal blend (Winter / Summer / Yuletide – for Christmas), 2. a decaf and 3. an organic coffee.
  6. The decaf uses an environmentally friendly and non-toxic method of extraction called the sparkling water process. It is a blend of microlot coffees from Mexico & Congo, bringing together the typically chocolaty roast flavours of Central America and fruity undertones of Congo. You’ll also find flavours of malt, maple and wafer. It is a Medium+ roast, which finds a middle ground between roast flavours and origin characteristics. Ethically sourced.
  7. Organic: This coffee hails from Anderacha in South-West Ethiopia, grown high up at altitudes of over 2000m. This is heirloom coffee, meaning it is sourced from the original seed stock that still grows wild in Ethiopia. This lot was grown using organic farming practices and is Rainforest Alliance certified. After picking, the coffee was dried in the sun ‘on the cherry’ in raised drying beds. This millennia-old practice, also known as natural processing, allows the juices from the coffee cherries to seep into the coffee seed, giving the coffee a distinct fruitiness (think blueberries). It is a Medium+ roast, which finds a middle ground between chocolaty roast flavours and fruity origin character. This coffee is an approachable introduction to the distinctive world of fruit-toned coffees: look out for lemon zest, lemon verbena and even frankincense resin, as well as processing flavours of blueberry and port wine. Your coffee comes in printed glass jars and compostable refill bags. The ink, paper and cellophane bags are all of 100% vegetable origin and are fully biodegradable.
  8. Yuletide blend: infused with Christmas cheer and inspired by Christmas pudding, this is a blend of very distinctive, fruit-toned coffees from Rwanda and Ethiopia. A compote of citrus zest, stone fruit, blueberries and port. Sold only in December.  Same price as Summer’s Blend.  Ethically sourced.
  9. Summer’s Blend is my seasonal blend for Spring & Summer. It has a medium body and much more fruity cup profile than Winter. It is a blend of coffees from Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Uganda brings chocolate and nut brittle flavours to the roast, while Rwanda and Ethiopia provide the fruit character (citrus zest, stone fruit). It is a Medium+ roast, which finds a middle ground between toasty roast flavours and origin characteristics. All the coffees are ethically sourced.

“Marjolijn and I (Richard) offer ethically sourced, traceable, eco-friendly fare with a firm nod toward the practices of the Weston Price Foundation.  

We do what we can to support humanitarian and eco-conscious practices in sourcing, preparing and packaging our final product. Everything that is prepared is prepared by me or Marjolijn, personally, by hand. Everything is homemade. The cumin in the hummus is toasted by hand, the chickpeas and wheat are soaked and sprouted by me (with a little help from nature!). The same with the milling of the flour. My coffee is roasted in small batches and post-sorted for defects by hand. The beekeepers in our network follow our principles for bee health and honey extraction. 

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