Theonista Kombuchas

ALL THEONISTA KOMBUCHA is brewed in small batches with organic teas, flavoured with 100% pure fruit & herbal extracts and is always free of preservatives, colourants, and GMOs.

Verified low sugar content: Every batch is tracked for technical parameters including sugar content, and our consistently low sugar content (i.e. relative to other kombucha brands’ labels and marketing materials) is monitored by both calibrated in-house equipment and external third-party lab verification.

More benefits:

Low Sugar // Natural energy with absolutely no junk – additive, preservative, colourant, and GMO-free

Gut Health // Living probiotics for balanced digestion

Detoxification // Organic Acids associated with liver detoxification and gut lining regeneration

Immune Support // Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties

Recovery (Intense Exercise or Hangover) // High in electrolytes & low sugar, all-natural hydration


THE THEONISTA DIFFERENCE: Theonista is an independent, female-owned small craft beverage company located in

Woodstock, Cape Town. We’re best known for pioneering kombucha commercially in South Africa and for continuing to lead

the market in quality and innovation.

Our bottled kombucha range is now available nationally in 10+ flavours and three sizes. We were also the first in South

Africa to offer kombucha home brew kits, kombucha on tap, and zerowaste/BYOBottle bulk filling options.

For all of our products, the combination of high quality ingredients and expert fermentation and/or brewing methods

translates into an approach we’re proud of and a difference you can truly taste.

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