Thank Goodness Foods

A bit about our ingredients:

Our eggs are free range.

Our butter non – certified organic farm butter.

Having found many of the widely perceived “healthy” sweeteners,

such as xylitol or agave not as favourable for ones health as

initially understood, our natural sweetener of choice in our bakes

is organic coconut blossom sugar and/or honey and fruits.

Sometimes brown rice or maple syrup are also used.

Our chocolate is organic and fair trade.

In lieu of refined white flour we use groundnuts, buckwheat, millet,

coconut and chickpea flour.

Knowing good food is as much the energy gone into making it as

the ingredients, we bake with oodles of love, presence and the

highest intention.

A bit about us:

Our production approach:

Our products are consciously crafted with intention & imbued with

love. We source only the best raw ingredients we can and we

understand this is a continuous journey.

We strive to tread as lightly as possible on this beautiful planet by

opting always for the most sustainable solutions and we do our utmost

to treat all – our team, our customers and ourselves – with integrity,

kindness and compassion. We think you can taste that.

We want our food to create a sense of joy, togetherness and

connection, and for it to be felt along the whole production line, from

kitchen to table, as this is where health and longevity resides.

What makes us different to other producers :

It’s in our DNA.

Healthier, tastier and mindfully made is our natural way. It’s all we’ve

known and all we care for.

We are three Scottish siblings who were brought up on a diet of

wheatgrass, meditation & nature’s bounty and then taught to serve.

Making and sharing delicious and nutritious foods made with love was

just what was done. TGF is an evolution of our wonderful and whacky

holistically-centric upbringing where the best of the Easts wisdom met

with the best of the West’s science.

Living as second generation wellness & spirit junkies devoted to living

fully, loving always and eating whole and well, we feel we are able to

deliver with integrity, inspiration & insight & offer a wider perspective

on the healthy-eating trends.

Why we do what we do:

Food is our language of love. TGF is our way of spreading it.

We believe that food is not only information to our bodies but

transformation to our spirit/soul. That’s why we’ve made it our

mission to make mindfully made delicious and nutritious eats, treats &

beverages made with only whole and real ingredients to nurture,

repair and restore body, mind and soul.

We are committed to

Eat better – live better – feel better –

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