Pure beginnings

As a family, we cannot wipe out the massive environmental impact we have every day (argh!), but, Pure Beginnings range at least stops us throwing baby wipes that will never degrade into our rubbish.  I’d like to use cotton pads or loo roll, but in practicality – when you have kids, they poo, often everywhere and it has got to be dealt with before they bounce off the bed or grab their butt in the process. 
Pure beginnings also make products that don’t hurt animals (Beauty Without Cruelty) and their lotions and potions which will leave less of an oil slick in our lakes and water systems, hanging around for millennia to come. We have included their suncreams, biodegradable baby wipes, and kids shampoos and conditioners for now.  Let us know your thoughts on these and their ingredients. 

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