Mother City Fish

Mother City Fish. We were lucky enough to have crossed paths with a fisherman with a passion for sustainability who mostly exports his beautiful fish and has given us an opportunity to bring it straight to your homes. The fish we supply is all line caught and the fishery is absolutely committed to sustainable practises. They don’t trawl because they want to limit the by-catch.
We don’t buy or harvest any product in the bay. However, fish are migratory and do swim in and out of the bay, like yellowtail.
The closest our long liners are fishing is 30 nautical miles from Hout Bay. However most of the time we are fishing 150-180 nautical miles and at depths of up top 600 meters deep.
Most of our fishing happens from the Namibian border to the Agulhas Bank, this is Deep South and 21 degrees longitude.
Our smaller vessels do fish closer than this to the coast and we did read part of the report of toxic waste levels being higher than expected. We will be doing tests on these fish caught ourselves.

Note fish is subject to availability to what is caught

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