“Poultry farming the natural way”. Let’s see how many boxes we can tick; fully free to roam and outdoors in the fields ALL day? Check; free from any growth hormone based feed? Check; free from antibiotics? Check; natural pest control using garlic and diatomaceous earth? Check; free from being pumped with brine or water to falsify weight of animal? Check. These happy birds get their feed supplemented by fresh home grown greens, spent brewery grains, seeds, mixed grains and Lucerne. All this just 50km from Cape Town city centre on Knorhoek Estate Farm in Sir Lowry’s Pass.

“Feed Me Free Range is a poultry farm situated in Sir Lowry’s Pass. Behind us sits the Hottentot Mountain range and we’re overlooking False Bay. All our chickens and ducks are free to roam around our 16 hectare farm, pasture fed naturally with no added growth hormones or antibiotics. We are ethical and environmentally friendly farmers. We pride ourselves on making sure our birds have the best possible life, resulting in amazingly tasty produce. Not only the meat but the eggs too. Our chickens are known for their rather large size some as big as 4kg! There is no wastage in our processing, every bit of the bird is used. From whole birds, portioned, boned rolled stuffed, espetadas, livers, duck fat, liver pates and doggie treats (my dogs love em!)”

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