Camphill Village Dairy

Camphill dairy was established in 1987, with the view to developing an enterprise that would help to sustain the organisation, and in response to a growing demand for organic natural dairy products. It provides milk for the everyday needs of the village houses and a makes range of dairy products for sale.

They have a herd of Jersey crossed with Brown Swiss dairy cows. They are grass fed on our organically grown pastures, and brought in mornings and evenings for milking. The milk is then processed in the dairy. Residents experience great therapeutic value by interacting with the cows, and learning about the cycles of nature. 

Camphill dairy’s best known product is our natural yogurt, which comes in full cream and low fat varieties, both of which are free of additives or stabilisers. 

They also produce cheeses, feta, labneh and crème fraiche. Our cheeses are made with vegetarian rennet and all our products are certified Kosher and Halaal.

There are currently over 100 Camphill Communities worldwide. Camphill Village provides a safe environment in which to live and work for between 80 and 90 intellectually challenged adults, so that they can experience a meaningful and fulfilling life. It is set on a farm, 40km north of Cape Town and has 13 houses and several enterprises in which Residents work.

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