Almond Creamery

Almond Creamery

Almond Creamery is a female owned company, which sources its ingredients from South Africa, dedicated to producing fresh plant-based milk alternatives that are not only delicious but also healthy for you and sustainable for our planet.

Our nut milk contains up to 5 times more nuts compared to most long-life brands, and our nuts are sourced from local farmers.

By using natural ingredients such as dates to add sweetness as well as 100% cacao powder and natural spices for flavour, you’re in for a truly healthy and indulgent experience.

From Adre “The almond and macadamia farms are small family-owned farms. I have personally visited the almond farm, but am yet to travel to Mpumalanga to visit the macadamia farm. I know both farmers well, and they do an amazing job with their crop. They do not do routine pesticide spraying and only do so when and if necessary in order to avoid huge crop losses which would make their businesses unsustainable. I have been unable to source locally-grown coconuts, so they are imported, usually from SriLanka (but this can vary depending on our suppliers).”

Almonds and Macadamia nuts are sourced from small farms in South Africa! (proudly local)

Shelf life 3 weeks from date of purchase for glass bottles, and 2 weeks for the plastic pouches

Pure Almond Milk made from roasted almonds, pure filtered water, and a small amount of dates for a very slight sweetness. With less than 5g sugar per 100ml, this almond milk is low in carbohydrates.

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