Coconut kefir grains


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Making Kefir at Home

Recipe below makes 2 cups to 1 L

Tools needed:

1 clean glass jar
Loose fitting lid, or clean cloth with elastic band
Spatula or spoon
Mesh strainer

2 cups to 1 L* organic, preferably pasteurized** milk
1-2 tbsp Live Kefir Grains

Place grains in the glass jar and fill with milk.
Cover with a loose fitting lid or clean cloth and elastic band.
Place in a dark area away from sunlight, heat and critters for 1-3 days.
The Kefir is ready when it has thickened, coagulated and smells slightly acidic.
Strain the grains using a spatula and sieve and place the grains in the clean glass jar with a little fresh milk. You can either start a new batch of Kefir right away, or place the grains in the refrigerator ***
* There are many factors that will determine how much milk you should add (eg. metabolic strength and health of grains, type of milk, etc) so start with 2 cups and experiment in subsequent batches. The ideal amount of Kefir Grains will convert your milk to Kefir in 24 hours.

** Pasteurized milk is preferred as the microgranisms in unpasteurized milk may out-compete the bacteria and yeast present in the Kefir Grains.

***Kefir Grains will continue to ferment milk at a slower rate in the fridge (3-7 days). To stay healthy, you must ?feed? your Grains with fresh milk every 2 days (when outside of fridge) or once per week (when inside the fridge).


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