Venison meaty bones for stewing (Eland)1kg


We are a third generation family farm where our great team of staff is also third generation.

We harvest on the farm, with no licence. We do have a Certificate of Adequate enclosure with CapeNature, which means we are allowed to harvest, transport, etc our animals on and off the farm by means of ethical ways. We have a butchery on the farm where we work all the meat ourselves. We make our own sausages using only our meats. As Tom puts it “the first time the animals get on a tar road is when we deliver the orders”. This eliminates the taste of stress in the meat that animals slaughtered at an abattoir have. Our products are vacuum packed and then frozen. Should you wish to have fresh meat, let us know and we can make it work.

Pasture reared, free ranging animals. The animals drink from steams or dams. Our animals graze everything that grows naturally in their large camps. Our wildlife feeds off indigenous plants in our nature reserve which is 500ha in size and  consist of mostly Renosterveld vegetation. The wild boar camps are 12ha in size. This size gets increased after our grape harvest, when we let the wild boar into the vineyards to graze and eat the bugs in February. In September when the vines start budding again, we close the gates to the vines so that they don’t eat the grapes. Our wild boar build nests before they give birth. We farm as holistic as we possibly can at the moment.

No antibiotics or feed. The first time we touch the animals is when we harvest them. We harvest them ourselves ethically and give thanks to the animals when we harvest. They are then taken into our cold room in less than 1 hour after being harvested.


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