*Pap nutritious, naturally farmed, local*, 2.5kg


This regeneratively farmed pap has had 20% added regenerative soy to improve the nutritional profile (added protein) of this staple food and make it more nutritional. It is grown by small South African farmers, non GMO, regeneratively farmed, milled wholegrain, restoring business opportunities in rural areas, and DELICIOUS!

Nepo Pure Pap is such a wonderful, regenerative story. The supplier of this is a conservation agriculturist working with small holdings that grow Maize. When he began his research, he realised that the farmers were effectively starving, despite growing maize themselves. After a study done in , and after a study done by Uni of Pretoria, they devised a pap that has 20% protein (and fibre/energy) added from organic/regeneratively grown soy so that this one food could help alleviate malnutrition. Currently, they buy the maize off the small holdings at a 20% premium, and sell it back to them, after adding regeneratively farmed soy. They have since set up a milling and packaging process among small holders too – it’s a beautiful story of restoration. I have been buying for Sabina – she loves it. We’ve also started eating it in response to buying oats from abroad all the time for breakfast. It’s super yummy & nutritious – my kids also love. A friend of mine is storing some for no cost in their garage in tamboerskloof, to help this business. Here is the story in more depth – please do give it a go! https://restory.co.za/2020/03/02/nepo-sa-the-restoration-dream-continues-to-become-a-reality/


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