Organic sprouted wholewheat Lowerland, 1kg – general baking


In short, the sprouting of grains and pulses:

  • increases the bio-availability of otherwise locked-in vitamins and minerals;
  • greatly diminishes harmful enzymes and anti-nutrients;
  • makes them much easier to digest;
  • allows for all of the wheat berry to be used (i.e. the vital wheat germ is not removed);
  • converts hard-to-assimilate starches into simple, low GI vegetable sugars;
  • can greatly improve tolerance for people with wheat sensitivities.
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Heartveld?s Richard Katz takes organically grown wheat kernels from a farm in Prieska, sprouts them, and then freshly mills them into a flour with a shelf-life of up to eight months.

2000 years ago, the Essenes were sprouting their wheat ? and for?good reason! Sprouting or, in the case of oats and nuts, activating, makes these foods far more digestible and nutritious. ?The wheat germ has extraordinary nutritional richness. It contains amino acids, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, niacin, folates and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E, which is a powerful antioxidant.?However, grains?and seeds have a built-in defence system that makes it hard for us to tolerate them. On top of that, anti-nutrients called phytates inhibit our ability to absorb?the vitamins and minerals in the grain, including the food we eat with it. When we sprout/activate, we?neutralise most of these anti-nutrients, transforming grains and nuts into readily digestible?superfoods. Consuming flour, freshly milled from the entire organic wheat kernel, is significantly more nutritious than commercial flour and is often very well tolerated by people with wheat/gluten intolerance.

Heartveld also makes a *sprouted hummus *. Sprouting chickpeas neutralises most of the phytates and anti-nutrients that naturally occur in pulses. This makes the hummus much more digestible, and significantly more nutritious than conventional hummus.? It is preservative-free. When stored in the fridge, it will last at least 7 days from the day you collect it. I also pop it in my freezer, where it can keep for up to 4-6 months. Once thawed, mix in some tangy olive oil to brighten it up.

Heartveld also?sell activated ?*Biodynamically farmed and activated pecan nuts*?grown in the Orange River Valley. Their?pecans?are soaked in salt water for about 8 hours and then soaked in fresh water to remove the salt. They are then dehydrated back to their natural state. They are much more crispy and sweet in their activated form, while also being lower in antinutrients such as phytates, etc.


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