Organic coffee – Uganda – Trump and Timbal


Uganda Bugisu Mt Elgon.  It is organic and rainforest alliance certified. This harvest – just landed – is exceptional.  A step up from the Sipi, this beautifully showcases the rich, full-bodied character of great Ugandan coffees along with typical carob, molasses and cherry flavours.

Not only organic, but rainforest alliance certified.

*Wet processed coffees are also called washed coffees. They are water sorted, pulped, and finally, fermented in water to remove the fruit and mucilage from the coffee cherry.? The coffee is then dried on raised beds or on patios in the sun before being hulled and sent for grading and bagging.? Washed coffees tend to be ?clean? on?the palate – allowing terroir and origin?to emerge more clearly in the cup.



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