Lowerland Rye flour, sifted, kilo


Hard red – a hard red winter wheat with a reddish-brown colour and earthy, tannic flavour profile. Most suited for: bread, pizza and pasta.

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  • They’re organically grown.
  • Unbleached and stored, handled and milled without any chemical additives or preservatives. To keep weevils and other eevils out, we store the grain berries with food grade diatomaceous earth, a natural compound that is sifted out before the milling process.
  • We mill the whole grain, including the nutritious germ which is usually removed in conventional mills to extend shelf life.
  • The traditional stone mill is a slow process that doesn’t heat up the grains and thus preserves the integrity and nutrient value of the grains.
  • We mill fresh on order and deliver within days of milling.
  • Our organic, soil health based farming methods mean our unique terroir shines through in the grains. The bread, pap, pasta and other baked goods they yield are exceptionally delicious and nutritious.


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