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At the age of 46, I started going grey. Until that point, I had fondly and naively imagined that my head of long curly hair would go a wonderful uniform silver colour. In reality, the grey started as a few strands at the front of my scalp and soon developed into unattractive, patchy salt and pepper.
Being a health-orientated person, I didn?t want to use chemical hair dyes, and the more research I did, the more this belief was reinforced.
I tried various dyes, including a ?natural? chemical hair dye as well as mixing henna powder with coffee, and all I achieved was an allergic reaction and pink hair.
Almost at the point of giving up, I did more research and found out that if I mixed certain natural plant extracts, I could dye my hair in shades of brown and black!
After more research and experimentation on my own hair, I realised that I had found what I was looking for and was inspired to start my hair dye business.
In fact, I named the business after the first words I spoke when I saw my freshly dyed hair in the mirror?.. ?Oh gosh, I Love My Hair!? Not only were my mousy greys covered, but after a few weeks, I could clearly see and feel that my hair was growing faster, and was thicker and healthier.

I feel strongly against animal testing so all my products are certified and approved by Beauty Without Cruelty and are also endorsed by Vegan SA. All the 100% Herbal dyes and some of the ingredients in the Low Chemical dyes are certified organic by Euroglobal UK Certifications.
My products have given me a head of full, healthy and beautifully dyed hair, without harming me, the environment or any animals.


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