Lamb ribs, Fair Game

The mutton is AB grade, meaning the two front teeth have just started emerging in the animal, however there is no noticeable difference in taste.  I always go for the Mutton because it means that the animal has lived longer (which in these circumstances is a good thing) – and it’s cheaper!

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Through an incredible program using shepherding to bring back diversity, Bool Smut and his team have instigated a form of regenerative farming that truly promotes the coexistence between people, livestock, wildlife while sequestering carbon to mitigate climate change.

Wildlife Friendly

Fair Game producers are committed to non-lethal predator control, removing poisons, traps and hunting dogs and disallowing indiscriminate hunting and culling practices.

Ethical animal husbandry

Fair Game livestock range freely on natural veldt and are not given any growth stimulants, hormone treatments or prophylactic antibiotics. Our farmers are committed to stress-free living conditions and careful monitoring of livestock health and safety and ethical husbandry management.

Ecologically sensitive

Fair Game farmers support, protect and work to restore the ecological integrity of their farms. Fair Game farms must consist of a minimum of 80% natural veldt conditions. Fair Game farmers design and follow an ecological management plan that addresses ecological restoration and impacts as a means to promote resilience of the ecological patterns and processes on their farms.

Socially responsible

Fair Game producers follow prescribed labour practices, support staff wellbeing and responsible human capital development.



Lamb 1.2 kg, Mutton 1.1 kg


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