Granola: Gluten free activated nut Foodology, 750g


This Granola is delicious sprinkled over your porridge, or on its own as a snack (exchange for your evening chocolate!) or served with kefir (or yoghurt) and fruit. It’s COMPLETELY addictive…..

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This granola may be expensive, but it’s completely and totally delicious. Activated nuts are lighter, tastier, more easily digested and more nutritious than raw or roasted nuts.

Raw nuts contain enzyme inhibitors, phytic acid and other anti-nutrients that cause digestive problems and nut intolerances in some individuals. They reduce our body’s ability to absorb other nutrients, block the absorption of essential minerals, and inhibit enzymes essential for good digestion.

Anastasia’s nuts and seeds have been soaked and then oven-dried at very low temperature (Heating nuts above 50 degrees for an extended period destroys the beneficial enzymes and healthy fats in the nuts.) This activation of the nuts releases the enzyme inhibitors and makes these tasty treats even more nutritious!





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