Fauxmage, Gorzongola vegan, 140g *NEW


Gorgonzola style cashew cheese is rich and creamy with blue mould veins and a medium blue taste that gets stronger as it matures

Shelflife 6 weeks

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Handcrafted, artisan, plant-based cheese Preservative-free * Locally-made *

With today’s diversity of dietary and lifestyle choices, any cheese promising to satisfy them all is nuts. No, really. Our dairy-free cheeses are cashew-based, providing a wholesome foundation of creamy goodness that’s guaranteed to thrill everyone’s taste buds. All ingredients are natural and healthy. We don’t use preservatives (aside from Himalayan salt!) in any of our products and our outer packaging is made from recycled paper, so you can enjoy Fauxmage knowing you’re being kind to your body as well as the planet


Camembert, Chevre plain, Chevre truffle, Chevre black pepper, Chevre herbed garlic, Red hot chilli chèvre, Beech smoked chèvre, olive and rosemary chèvre


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