Chicken eggs (feed me free range), tray of 30


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We recommend storing your eggs out of the fridge to preserve the cuticle that naturally envelops a freshly laid egg. If this cuticle is preserved, then any bacterial contact will be confined to the shell where further growth is limited – refrigeration can hurt the cuticle:

Some studies in other countries have shown that supermarket eggs are often already 3 weeks old at the time of packing.

Your eggs are as FRESH as can be from from Feed Me Free Range, a poultry farm situated in Sir Lowry?s Pass. Behind them sits the Hottentot Mountain range and they’re overlooking False Bay. Their chickens and ducks are free to roam around the 16 hectare farm, pasture fed naturally with no added growth hormones or antibiotics. They are ethical and environmentally friendly farmers. They pride ourselves on making sure our birds have the best possible life, resulting in amazingly tasty produce. Lou feeds her chickens with spent grains from the brewery, mulched Lucerne and Teff


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