Bin liners (32L), 100% nontoxic home compostable, GMO free cornstarch


These liners  are made from non-GMO corn starch and are accredited 100% home compostable within 3-5 months.


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These bags are made from non-GMO corn starch.

Bonnie Bio are recently accredited by Australasian Bioplastics Association for their bin liners to be home compostable (which costs around R100,000 and I am told very rigorous – South Africa does not have its own home compostable certification yet), meaning you can throw them in your home compost bin. They say it takes 3-5 months in a Cape Town bin, because of the amount of sunlight.  I haven’t tried, but I am going to!

The company is South African but sadly not made here, is imported from China.


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