We have a few suppliers now!

We have limited cuts from Fair Game in Beaufort West who are pioneering in an incredible program using shepherding to bring back diversity. Bool Smut and his team have instigated a form of regenerative farming that truly promotes the coexistence between people, livestock, wildlife while sequestering carbon to mitigate climate change.

Every 6 weeks we get a half carcass of Lowerland’s lamb – pasture reared entirely to enhance the growing of corn and wheat that the farm grows in accordance with regenerative practises. The way Bertie farms ensures the animals are looked after, the earth is looked after, and beautiful cereal products are grown, all in one.

Unlike the supermarkets, which sell very young lamb, our suppliers often supply older (Grade AB or C) sheep which have lived a longer life (you should see options). The grade does not, as people would be led to believe denote quality and of those that we have seen, there is actually no traceable difference in flavour either.

All Ryan’s lamb is certified Karoo Meat of Origin. This sort of lamb must be pasture fed for 70% of their lives at minimum. In dry spells, the animals are required to be living in pasture even when supplemented. The mission of “Karoo Meat of Origin” is to introduce a certification process that guarantees you are getting what you pay for. Karoo lamb is so sought-after – that some skelms label any old meat, even mutton, with a Karoo sticker to fetch better prices. Certification ensures that farmers scrabbling a living from the harsh semi-arid Karoo get their due. However, certification does not guarantee that animals will not be fed grain in times of drought.

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