Beef Grass Fed

Farmer Angus’ beef is sourced from his farm at Spier, just outside Cape Town. Farmer Angus is one of two grass fed, pasture-reared beef producers that I know of in the Western Cape. His onsite butchery is, however, the only one processing the beef that is produced on his farm. Biodynamic and regenerative agricultural principles and practices are applied in the raising all of the farm’s animals. Situated on 126 hectares of irrigated pasture at Spier, the cattle are moved 4 times per day. The broilers and layers every day and the pigs once they have completely trashed an area which takes about 5 days. This ensures that the farm is neither overgrazed or overfertilised. Whether the conventional farming operation is caged or so called “free range” the housing is fixed and so the animals are under constant disease pressure as they live with their manure.

All Farmer Angus products are also 100% growth-hormone free, routine antibiotic free and the pig and chicken food is glyphosate free. The vineyards on the farm are in their 4th year of being certified organic and are in negotiations to have the 2019 harvest BioDynamically certified.

Farmer Angus beef burgers (pictured above) use 100% compostable packaging. They are sold fresh and have a 2 week shelf life. In 2013, Farmer Angus became the first person globally to sell Carbon credits for increasing the Carbon contents of the pastures where the cattle graze.

All other beef is sourced from satellite farm of Greenfields, in Mooi River, which adheres to the Greenfields Grass Fed protocol.

Greenfields protocol

In order for beef to be sold as Greenfields Free Range Beef the following protocol is followed:

The animals must be able to range freely over large camps/pastures with unlimited access to grass and fresh water at all times.
The animals are grass-fed. In harsh circumstances supplementation is necessary but this supplementation is naturally concerved hay or silage. Grain may not exceed 5% of the total dry matter intake over the lifetime of the animal.
No animal by-products are allowed
No growth hormones, steroids or stimulants are allowed
Greenfields beef adheres to the four pillars of free-range ethics:
Free access to food and fresh water in large camps/pastures.
Freedom from sickness and disease
Freedom from pain and suffering
Freedom to express natural bovine behaviour.

**Please note that final amount charged for meat will depend on exact amount cut, which we cannot know until delivery.**

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