This website has moved – It is with great excitement that we can share with you our new website:



If you:

– Have a strong community of friends, colleague, neighbours or family

–  would like to earn R10,000 for a few days work a month

– would like to build your own climate friendly food club within your own community, supporting small, local growers – please contact us at to set up your own business!


Harnessing the energy of your community networks, with the efficiency of the internet, we can help you connect back to the source of your food.


Together let’s build an ethical, transparent and resilient food system that:

  • Provides direct income to local farmers
  • Gives you and your family nutrient dense, real food
  • Removes poisons from our ecosystems
  • Restores carbon and water cycles, healing our soils and helping combat climate change

The current food system can’t be changed – it must be replaced – food club by food club, farm by farm let’s replace it!



For Slow Food Club in Vredehoek itself – please see the new site: